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This is Ezra Q. Button...


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Your attention, please.

I, Ezra Q. Button, have declared myself dictator of the entire world. I have chosen the medium of the podcast as an economical way of making my dictates and proclamations known. My hope is to provide the world with instant solutions to problems which have plagued us since the dawn of humanity. I am also interested in devising appropriate, if unusual, punishments for malefactors. That is all. Thanks for listening.

First Broadcast: How You May Have the Right to Cut in Front of Other People Legally.

Second Broadcast: How to Encourage People to Donate Their Orgains, How to Lose Weight by Watching Television, How the Police Ought to Punish You for Speeding, and How to Get Money out of People Who Take Too Long to Find a Closer Parking Space

Photo Courtesy of the Smithsonian

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